Emergency Preparedness Fundraiser

It is required that every student have emergency supplies on hand in case disaster strikes. Your school has elected to provide you with this convenient method of fulfilling this requirement by offering these Emergency Survival Kits.


  • Kits have a *5-Year Shelf Life!  (*Food & Water) 
  • All food bars are GMO & nut free. (Safe for anyone allergic to any sort of nut oil!)
  • Kits are stored at school.

*For every purchase, your school receive a 15% donation! So don't forget to get an extra kits for your car, home or office!

3-Day Premium Individual Survival Kit
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Keeping you and your Family Safe!

Check out some of our other products for your home, office or car!

4-Person Premium 'Family' Kit

Our family pack is equipped perfectly for 4 with all the basic survival material needed for 3 days.  Included is food and water, in addition all the major necessities required for shelter & warmth, an emergency radio & lighting, plus hygiene. This kit is ideal for those who want a complete kit for your home or office.

Shelter & Warmth

4 - Emergency Thermal Blanket

Emergency Radio & Lighting
4 - Mini Flashlights
3 - 12 Hour Light Stick
1 - AM/FM Pocket Radio with batteries
2 - Additional AA batteries

1  - Sturdy Red Backpack

Food & Water
(5 year shelf life)
4 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar
24 - Water Pouches (4-ounces)

4 - Tissue Pack (10 tissues)
30 - Moist Towelettes


1 Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Toilet Kit™

12 - Pee Wee Bags (Clean Waste - Pee bags)

The Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Toilet Kit™ is a sanitary and environmentally friendly portable toilet solution that can be used solo or in conjuction with the GO Anywhere Toilet (Sold Separately). Prevents spread of disease with no spills, splashbacks or waste contact.  Our toilet kit is the ONLY solution that traps, encapsulates, deodorizes and breaks down waste with a NASA-developed gelling agent.  Use it, seal it and toss it in normal trash.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Waste bag

  • Poo Powder® gelling/deodorizing agent.

  • Secure puncture-resistant zip-close disposal bag.

  • Individual toilet paper.

  • Hand wipe.

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3-Day Premium Individual Survival Kit

Our premium 3 day emergency survival kit are designed specifically with all the basic needs to help an individual during an emergency such and with the added bonus of not having to worry where to "pee" when its not available.


1 - Case w/handle

6 - Water Pouches (4-ounces)

1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar

1 - 12 Hour Light Stick

1 - Emergency Thermal Blanket

1 - Tissue Pack (10 tissues)

3 - Moist Towelettes


3 - Pee Wee Bags (Clean Waste bags) 

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